Pangolin Laser Systems Wins Big at the 2020 ILDA Awards

The International Laser Display Association (ILDA) held its annual awards ceremony this year and took a new approach to the conference. Hosting their first ever “online” event (due to travel restrictions resulting from COVID-19). The ILDA Awards are considered by many as the “Oscars” of the laser display industry and help recognize the outstanding work and creativity achieved in the field.

Pangolin Laser Systems, Inc. participated in the yearly awards event held by ILDA and won big across several competitive categories including first place finishes in both Technical Achievement Awards, and Artistic Design and Programming.

Pangolin BeamBrush™  | 1st Place in the “Fenning Award for Technical Achievement"

BeamBrush Scanner & Award

Pangolin’s revolutionary “BeamBrush™” technology was awarded the 1st place Fenning Award for Technical Achievement, given its vast benefits to the laser and lighting design industries as a whole.

William Benner holding BeamBrush Award

BeamBrush™ is a brand-new hardware and software system, that is available inside of a new line of lasers from Pangolin and KVANT. BeamBrush™ allows lighting designers to control the divergence (size) of a laser beam in real time. This improves laser projectors and laser shows in their entirety, across three main areas.

First, using BeamBrush™ Lasers, designers can go from a razor sharp “classic” laser look, all the way to a wash effect that is more traditionally created using a moving head light, in real time. Thus, BeamBrush™ lasers give designers an immensely versatile tool, that can create a much wider range of effects when compared to any other lighting fixture on the market presently.

Second, BeamBrush™ vastly improves the safety of audience scanning laser displays, so designers can finally use a laser, like a normal moving head fixture.

Third, BeamBrush™ allows visual artists to “paint” with laser light. With BeamBrush™ Lasers, a projected image (graphic, text, logo, animation, abstract, etc.) can be colored-in with laser light. Historically lasers could only trace the outlines of such content. With BeamBrush™, that space can filled in.

A detailed technical overview of BeamBrush™ and in-depth look at the technology can be found in Pangolin’s official video here:

BeamBrush™ Lasers were also used to help facilitate the creative awards Pangolin won, including the 1st place Tunnels Defocused Laser Show, and the 3rd place Transitional Energy Laser Show. An overview of each show is further noted below. In addition, Pangolin partners Mike Dunn, Pieterjan Ruysch, and Dream Laser all also won awards, using BeamBrush™ technology.

Aquarius Laser Show | 1st Place in the “Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple-Scanner Projectors” Category

Aquarius by Lyra Letourneau Laser Show Example 1
Aquarius by Lyra Letourneau Laser Show Example 2

Aquarius is a super high impact laser show designed for all viewers, providing a wide range of laser effects, looks, colors, and feelings accompanied by a fantastic musical piece by Xan Griffin. The beauty of this show is its appeal to a wide audience of people.

Those who are new to laser shows will become immersed with the high impact effects and excitement the show brings. And experienced laser and lighting designers will respect the small details that went into the programming.

Watch the entire laser show "Aquarius" below.

Tunnels Defocused Laser Show | 1st Place in the "Beams/Atmospherics Show with Outboard Effects" Category

Tunnels Defocused Laser Show by Lyra Letourneau Example 1
Tunnels Defocused Laser Show by Lyra Letourneau Example 2

Tunnels Defocused is a single beam laser show, demonstrating Pangolin's BeamBrush™ technology with a single laser scanner.

The laser show was created by Pangolin’s Creative Director Lyra Letourneau. In a recent interview, she was quoted saying, "To use the new Beam Brush system in such a way as to trick the brain and compel someone to not look away was very exciting for me. As an artist, it’s going to be hard to create laser shows now, without the use of BeamBrush™ technology".

Picture of Lyra Letourneau holding ILDA award

Watch the entire laser show "Tunnels Defocused" below.

Transitional Energy Laser Show | 3rd Place in the "Beams/Atmospherics Show for Multiple-Scanner Projectors” Category

Transitional Energy Laser Show by Lyra Letourneau Example 1
Transitional Energy Laser Show by Lyra Letourneau Example 2

This was one of the first laser beam shows ever created using Beam Brush™ technology, once again by Pangolin’s Creative Director Lyra Letourneau.

Watch the entire laser show "Transitional Energy" below.

BeamBrush™  Lasers will be Available in early 2021, for the global marketplace. With systems ranging in power ranging from 3Watt lasers, all the way up to 34Watt lasers.

Pangolin Client’s sweep the awards!

In addition to awards won by Pangolin, over 80% of the awards granted from ILDA this year, were won by companies, artists, and designers, using Pangolin Laser Software, Control Hardware, and Laser Systems. Pangolin would like to extend sincere Congratulations to all of their industry partners, who won in this year’s awards and showcased the power of our industry as a whole.  

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